Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stonehenge - Wiltshire , England

Not enough of London, we decided to go to Bath, UK on the 2nd day. 
The driver & our ride.

On the way to Bath, we dropped by Stonehenge, Wiltshire. This place is one of the many of English Heritages, whereby these stones are believed to be there because of many reasons. Even until now, they are uncertain of the actual purpose of  the existance of these stones. One of the reasons is believed to determine the time, over 2000 years ago.


View from the car

Sapa nak beli poskad ni, 50 sen je satu
Though it looks sunny but the wind is cold

Carefully listening to the history
No, those were not handphones. We were carefully listening to the audio which were given to us on our way in. This explain clearly as we were told to press the number as we are in front of certain area, so that we can see clearly from the eyes of the researchers.

There are also an open farm beside this area. It's very huge and I was wondering didnt these sheeps get lost while eating the grass? 
Hantar kat Tony Roma's suruh masak lambchop sure sedap

Me spent a lot on coffee coz its so cold! Coffee & hot choco are my fav drink overthere

Though it looks sunny, but the weather is +- 6 degrees , which is cold, but still bearable compare to while we are in Europe.

I know it looks like just a stone to somebody or even me before we arrived. But as they are in front of my eyes, I was astonished by the history and in fact, how in the world these stones get themselves there? 

I'm starting to love English Heritages. There are hundreds of them in the UK. I made a silent promise to myself that I will tour all of them one day :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

London- Day 1

On the 16th of Nov, we flew to London via Doha and even the flight took us almost 24 hours plus the transit & we missed AidilAdha due to the exchange of time zone, we neglected all of that because we are too excited.
As soon as we reached London Heathrow Airport around 10.30pm local time, my cousin uncle fetched us at the airport to his mum's residence (my mum's aunty) at Isleworth, Hounslow, London. We stayed there throughout our stay in UK. My tok aunty has been the residence of United Kingdom for the past 38 years.

My cousin Yasmin, who's studied in Sunderland for a year, went back to our tok's house for holiday, very well versed in London show us around on the first day. The London Metro & buses are very 'friendly' I can say whereby we can understand the route & lines in a snap.

Waiting the bus near my tok's house

The travel card is quite expensive, which is 6.80 pounds (RM35) for a day card for a person, but the good thing is u don't have to buy any ticket anymore for a day and u can hop on to any public transport in London. Anyway, u can't translate every single thing in Ringgit as u will go crazy! U translate bila nak shopping je, but not makan & travelling cost. Anggap macam RM6.80..

Its my first time in London, so, tempat2 wajib kene pegi such as Oxford Street, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Westminster.

London Eye

Big Ben

 Petticoat Lane Market

We went to this market with the perception (from Internet) that we can get the cheap deal here. When we reached there, unfortunately a lot of the shops were closed and the things sold are not to my expectation, macam pasar malam. Of course, I didnt buy anything. Maybe because it's not Sunday.

Oxford Street

Personally I really like Oxford Street. The only thing that I don't like is because the number of people there. Its too many! You can see a different types of faces around here, as I guess London is among the highest city that received visitors every day.

Oxford Street, Look at the people!

Masa kat sini I called my buddy Aida, who's staying at London for the past 2 years (aida, kat sini la aku call ko) , didnt realize that your house was so near to Oxford Street! Tapi sorry aku tak sempat pun nak jumpa ko as my time is very limited (daytime ends at 4pm!) and I also bring a 'batalion', susahkan ko je nanti :) Anyway I guess u r busy too entertaining your lil sis kan..

In front of H&M wit cousin &sis

To be continued...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm home !

Probably tak ramai pun tau that I was away on Europe holiday for 2 weeks, but heck, I'm home! Gonna update our journey stories soon...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I love cooking, but....

I enjoy cooking so much, it's just the matter of preparation & after cooking & eating. Agree?

I love to cook for my loved ones ; husband, family, friends. Its just the preparation that yikes me. When people said to my husband ' Waaa, dah sihat aa skang! '
and he goes 'Tula, my wife cook sedap sangat' Wowowo, tak kembang ke pungkuk2 anda kalau your hubby cakap camtu. Almost everytime org ckp dia nya badan dah naik dia ckp camtu. Me, die of smiling...

Ok, now, do you have this problem when u cook u will sweat a bit especially at the forehead, and your hair will smell like the chicken oil. I hate that I have to shampoo after everytime I cook. Sampai terfikir nak pakai shower cap pun ada masa masak. Kang aku pakai Chef Hat tu melampau la plak jiran sebelah tengok, macamla masak hebat2, padehal tengah goreng ayam je.

How la..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Singapore Trip

I've been very busy with work lately , that I rarely have time to update my stories.

By the time I have the time, I totally forgot what I wanna talk about.

Ok, phewhh... I just got back from a trip to Singapore for a potentially business trip. Yes, I 'carik' keje kat sana, meaning, wanna find the opportunities to do anything over there. Well, my passion is traveling, so this is part of my step to venture into travel while doing business.

I popped out the idea to my hubby and in an instant he agreed (he's the best, isn't he?) We went to Singapore on Sunday by car, and we parked our car sumwhere around Orchard Road, and breeze walking together and sometimes hop on to the MRT to go to the adjacent areas, while keeping our eyes open of the surrounding, sambil dating & macam-macam.

Here are some of the photos ;

Near Beach Road. Back view is the Eye of Singapore

Orchard Road

At the Esplanade MRT Station

Playing MRTing

We parked the car at this mall. Cathay, macam Cineleisure kat Mutiara Damansara.

Hubby sukaaaa sangat nak tengok movie kalau pergi tempat2. I was always against the idea coz bila tengok movie sure lah u dah tak jalan2 tgk scenery, unless u really have time to waste. Tapi esok nya tengok jugak, sebab at that time I was so exhausted of walking around Orchard Road, and a couple of hours of movie will refresh me a lil bit.

Oh ya, since I like to travel on budget with luxury (If you know what I mean) , Tune is the best choice! We spent like only RM55 per night for a double bed room and the mattress is super comfort plus the shower is so 'hujan lebat' type. Boleh bayangkan? That's all a travelers require after a long tiring day. A good sleep and a good shower. We stayed there for 2 nights while going in and out of Singapore for 2 days. I'm planning a next trip with my brothers and sisters to Universal Studios nanti :)

Tune Hotels Danga Bay

Saturday, October 16, 2010

So long!

So long never update the blog as I was quite busy with work and stuffs about my trip. By the time nak update dah terlupa cerita yang nak diceritakan..

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sinus Traditional Medication

My resdung strikes back..and my parents are worried sick of the flu yang tak baik2 ni..yela, dari kecik diorg dok tengok I kalau selsema je, terus asthma. To some people, selesema takde ape. But to me, selesema tu memang lah satu penyakit berat. So, mmg mereka sgt tak nak berlaku lagi penyakit masa kecik2 dulu.

My dad brought me & one of my brother to this guy's place in Kapar, Klang. I bet some of you knows about this treatment. It's nothing like what I did at Kuala Muda, Kedah yang asap tu.

Agak disgusting nak menceritakan, but I hope this time it works. Treatment dia macam ni.

1. Dia suruh kite sedut macam satu habuk (its actually penawar resdung, derived from a kind of akar kayu)

2. Bila sedut je habuk tu, mata akan start berair & akan keluar segala lendir2 dari dalam hidung. Throughout this treatment kita kene tunduk & bagi lendir tu keluar kat dalam tong kecil yang disediakan. Tak boleh blow, tak boleh sedut. We have to wait for 15 mins before kita boleh blow, macam blow selsema tu. Throughout the 15mins tu, keluarlah lendir yg mmg sgt disgusting, tak mampu aku nak amek gambar.

3. Lepas 15 mins & dah blow kluar baki2 lendir tu, that guy tanya 'Tersumbat tak hidung?'
My brother cakap tersumbat sebelah, but me, tiba2 tersumbat 2-2 belah hidung. So, dia kata kalau tersumbat 2-2 belah tu, meaning my resdung is at the Level 3. (ada level 1-4, being 4 the worst case)

4. Since my hidung tersumbat lagi, dia ade masukkan ubat dalam hidung. Lepas tu je, bersin tah berapa kali. Berpuluh2 kali tak berhenti. He said, that's good, macam buang kuman.

5. After that, we have to makan kapsul selama 20 hari, and pantang nya banyak! Antaranya takleh makan seafood, belacan, kulit ayam, kepak ayam & daging kambing! Oh gosh, gonna miss my lamb for 20 days. Muke dah macam ape bila tgk kene pantang kambing. My dad ckp, tahan laa....kalau baik penyakit kan senang :)

Itu je la, boleh describe je, tak sanggup nak post gambar. Even my dad pun x sanggup tengok, die geli. Haha, confirm la, sapa tak geli tu tak normal.

Menurut this guy, treatment ni utk buang 'ibu' penyakit resdung. Kalau ok, ada org yg boleh cure terus, ada juga yang after 3 years baru dtg balik. There are many types of resdung, ada org gatal2 muka, telinga. Ada org nafas berbau, migrain, etc. Ada juga yang macam my type, which is selesema & hidung tersumbat. So, utk selesema, rasanya ni lagi relevan dari yg kat Kuala Muda tu, sbb dia keluar daripada hidung. But anyway, kita usahakan ajelah apa2 yg boleh mengurangkan atau membaikkan penyakit. InsyaAllah, dengan izinNya, baiklah penyakit2 kita :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Selamat Hari Raya , Maaf Zahir & Batin to all my friends..... truly sincerely from us

Masa ni tgh beraya kat rumah atok yang jaga my dad punye adik beradik sejak bapa diorg meninggal. My arwah atok lelaki meninggal muda juga..time tu mereka hidup susah, jadi atuk ni la yang tanggung mereka bersepuluh beradik. So, thats y every year, rumah ni wajib dikunjungi!

We went back to my dad's kampung at Muar raya pertama , 5:30 am dari my in laws'. Reached Muar tepat2 untuk Solat Sunat Aidilfitri. This is his first time beraya di kampung with us. Kalau tidak, tiap2 tahun die keje time Hari Raya. So, this year am grabbing this opportunity balik my kampung..We stayed at Muar for 2 days, before heading back to KL for beraya with my in laws plak. The best thing is, tak payah nak gadoh2 nak balik kampung mana..its just 2 hours away je :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ni Malaysia ke Shenzhen?

Hangin tak tengok ni? Hardly any tulisan 'rumi'... Ni Malaysia ke ... mana ni? Mana Bahasa Melayu? Kalau English boleh tahan lagi, ini? Tak fikir ke orang Melayu sure tak paham.. Daku sangat hangin

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Anak-anak Yatim Diraikan

Last night I was invited for IFTAR @ Aseana KLCC, where the event is actually untuk meraikan anak2 yatim. Bulan Ramadhan ni lah semua orang / organisasi berlumba-lumba nak raikan anak yatim..takpela, thats a good thing to do even though its once a year. I was stucked in heavy traffic jam (which I have not experience for such a long time sejak tak keje ofis ni) , jadi I only can attend the event after buka puasa time.

My heart dropped the moment I saw them. It's not that I haven't been to 'Kerja Amal' for anak2 yatim or rumah2 anak yatim before, but this is different. The children are so small! Kecik-kecik sangat and I was so touched. The activity for them was they were brought to do a Raya shopping at Isetan & Parkson before the buka puasa time.

Me and my friend 'grab' a cute little girl and asked her how old is she, she said she's 4. But she's so small mcm 2 tahun ke.. till we thought 'agaknya kurang zat makanan kot, sian...' She was brought by a slightly older girl , which around 6 yrs old. We asked where are your parents, she said she dont know. How sad. That means she might have not met her parents at all...

That situation brought my friend into tears (she have 2 boys that's around the same age) and me, as usual pun jadi sedih jugak and that point of time , I can't stop myself from saying 'Alhamdulillah' for what I have. Sometimes when we see people that are less fortunate , we'll be more grateful of what we have... Alhamdulillah!

Friday, September 3, 2010

My little brother

I'm really speechless and out of actions towards one of my little brother. I think that he's not been friends with good people, I think his friends are using him coz his innocentness. My parents gone out of words to say to him, my mum sumtimes cried in despair of not knowing what to do. He always not at home and only God knows where he stays, what he eats. My dad always worry of what he'll eat, always buys his favourite food but he rarely is at home..a father's love .. marah camana pun anak jugak. I asked my dad not to get angry with him always because he's a big boy already, 20 yrs and my dad has a high blood pressure problem. Kalau marah naik plak darah dia. Which always happened before.

I'm here, as a big sister, of course I love all my brothers macamana nakal die pun. I'm sad when he's like this, my other brothers & sister will lost their love & respect to him. His big brothers pun always angry at him and seeing that kills me. As if they don't love each other. I even cried when I see them quarreling and shouting at him. (Pardon me, when it comes to family I get so emotional)

My husband said, nanti die berubah la tu, budak2 mcm tu mmg tgh sibuk nak enjoy2.. I'm fine with that, but if only I know where he goes , with whom he's out every night, where he stayed, I'll be relieved. What I'm afraid of is if he's been lured to involved in anything that is not good. That's my biggest fear. Not good can be anything, I'm just scared to even think of it.

Of course , bila tanya baik2, cakap tak penah transparent. Another point of my 'bebelan' to him . Your family could not trust u, and what will u do when u have problem? When u r sick ? Ur family will be worried sick if that happens. And at that time do you think all your friends will take care of u? U will be surprised. That's my advise to him all the time. But i doubted he'll listen.

So, I'm asking my fellow friends, if you have any experience that you can share that might help us to change him. Do'a tu memang dah selalu.. Tak putus2.. He's the only one is with problem. I'm too worried.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

53rd year and going strong..

A belated post of Merdeka day.

Watching History Channel @Astro really opened my mind on how our ancestors fight over the country's independence. One of the item that captured my mind is also the racism is nearly invisible at that time. All races are united & none is trying to get this and that , fight over the top position in the governments & etc.. I'm flattered. Unlike now, I can't deny that sometimes I feel a tiny bit of hatred against other races because of their attitude towards other people (other races). Quite sad juz even think of 'kalau la satu hari Melayu hilang di dunia..' I'm over emotional towards this matter by the way..

Knowing that the other side of the world is suffering from a major flood disaster (Pakistan) ;17 million people lost their houses ; juz imagine it's almost like the whole of Malaysia population, Iraq is having war..makes me even feel more grateful to be born, raised and live in Malaysia. Syukur Alhamdulillah

My ever lifetime idol is Tun Mahathir, is also an icon of Malaysia to least, during my time. Hoping there would be another great leader like him in near future for the country. Even though many people say many things about him, I will go ' Hey, he's a human being, he's not a saint' But things that he's done to Malaysia are just indescribable. You look at KLCC, KLIA & Putrajaya , u will remember of him. And many many things. He also said that ' When I look at Putrajaya, I always smile to myself' . Hey, we are proud too!

Here's our photo with Tun, our everlasting idol!

This was taken during Umie Aida & Datuk Paduka Khairudin's wedding

Lastly, I am proud to be Malaysian. Bagi lah dok negara omputih mana-mana pun, I will always miss & love Malaysia

Happy 53rd Merdeka Day Malaysia!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Salam Ramadhan

Even though it's nearly the 12th day of Ramadhan (OMG its so fast!) , hope its not too late for a Salam Ramadhan to my fellow friends & blog readers (ade ke?hehe)

Till date ...

Hari tertinggal makan sahur - Nil
Hari bangun masak sahur - Everyday (Hubby yg perlu makan nasik masa sahur)
Hari terawih jemaah kat Surau - Baru 4 hari
Berbuka org belanja - 5 hari (Semoga dimurahkan rezeki mereka)
Jumlah Kueh yang dah siap - 2 jenis , 20 balang , Choc Cornflakes & Biskut Cornflakes
Baju raya shopping - Nil (pakai je la yg dah ade, ekonomi maaa)

Kalau before kawin, malas gile nak bangun masak sahur, makan kurma pun dah cukup ekceli sbb tak lalu sgt makan pagi2 buta. Tapi sejak ada Mr, saya bangun la masak sahur. Kang kelaparan plak laki aku. Tiba2 skill memasak lebih develop plak bulan puasa ni sebab kene masak 2 lauk dalam masa 30min (masa sahur) dan kene sedap.

Juz finished my kueh raya tadi and what an accomplishment, 20 balang (0f around 40 pieces each) dalam sehari. Ni semua gara2 skill yg dah terkumpul masa saya berbisnes kueh raya 2-3 tahun yg lepas. Tahun ni tak bercadang nak berbisnes kueh raya sebab dah busy dengan kerja lain. But the sad thing is, I burn a part of my elbow akibat terlanggar dulang keluar dari oven..anyway, what a baking without injury?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

'Interesting Hobby'

I can't believed I googled 'Interesting Hobby' on the net. Am I THAT boring? Urggh..hate to admit but I am! My days are filled with very similar routine and I'm getting bored. Yes, the work is challenging me every day & nite but work is not hobby right? Hobby is something that u wanna do in your free time. Even if you dont have a free time, u have to have a hobby! ( lame definition of hobby by me) I wanna try something new and challenging.. Not too challenging like mendaki gunung kinabalu or yang seangkatan dengannya.

I am indeed very tired of my boring hobbies ; reading, cooking, watching movies & series. Part of me think that Facebook might killed some of my time that I can't do anything else during my free time coz the first thing I do when I'm free is typing '' on the address panel. (suke blame orang lain) Thinking of trying to sew like bestie Aida . She's damn good at it.

Guess what I found on the net on the 'interesting hobby'? Creating a candle! a candle? Oh , so not Malaysian hobby..mahu terbakar rumah banyak2 sangat candle.

Need suggestions...Oh please dont tell me kemas rumah is a hobby.......

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Parking in KL

If u are working in KL and you are mobile, u'll be surprised on how much u gonna spend on travelling expenses for ur daily work and U will start to feel like moving to Miri

I always have to meet client at everywhere.. for my job, I have to chase them and drive to their places, almost everyday

So, bila dgr 'Royal Chulan' / 'Pacific Regency', erghh terus terbayang parking fee yang sangat mahal ..Royal Chulan , masuk2 je RM8, Pacific Regency RM10..dan sebagainya ..just imagine if i have 4 appointments per day at different places yang parking rate macam ni, I have to spend like almost RM40 per day just for parking! ridiculous tak ..

Tu belum masuk minyak / tol lagi

Sometimes I even malas nak pk, letak Valet je senang cite! Kadang2 harga sama and takyah pusing2 & rebut2..

Mari2 pindah Miri...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Packing

At 2:30 pm today he decided nak pegi Kuantan (ada keje), tibe2 je cakap kul 3:30 gerak ... I'm so used packing last minit, sebab memang tak suka pun pack awal2 sbb confirm je ade bende akan terlupa nak masukkan..

When I'm packing, I will think this way ;

Berapa malam ? -- akan bawak baju tido kurang satu drpd malam tu , cth : 3 mlm, akan bawak 2 set baju tido.

Berapa siang? --- baju siang kene cukup2 & kene extra satu ; tibe2 ada baju nampak gemuk ke, tanak pakai plak .. as for him, kene extra sbb kot2 berpeluh..

Yang Kecik - underwears & bras , socks (for him)

Toiletries ? -- I will bayangkan muka, that means kat muka ada gigi, mata & pipi ;berus gigi, ubat gigi, pencuci muka and lens equipment and also my glasses! Lps tu baru turun ke bawah ; deodorant, pad (kalau perlu) & seterusnya

Lps tu mata akan tgk bilik memikirkan brg2 selain baju -tudung, towel, telekung & kain pelikat

Alat2 Elektronik - Charger phone, sgt penting!(kitorg spai beli phone sama jenis supaya bila travel senang bawak satu charger je), kalau bawak kamera - charger kamera

Barang Mekap - For short time, will grab bedak & lipstick je'

Ok set, I'm ready to go!

Itu adalah basic packing style for me, does not applied for overseas (sapa yg penah travel oversea with me will know, sabun basuh pun aku bawak!) I know I'm not a simple person, so back pack sangat lah tidak sesuai sebab walaupun satu malam, adalah penuh juga mini luggage

Walaupun dah ada strategi packing (strategi la sgt) tetapi selalu sangat terlupa bawak sikat!!

Bila tgk balik my steps ni, patut la... sbb when I'm packing my toiletries, I start tgk dari muka, bukan dari kepala...duhhh

What's on your mind when you are packing?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Brazil oh Brazil

Kenapalah kau kalah??? so heart wrenching ok.....
Bosan la tgk final mcm ni kalau u takde .........

Down with super -duper frustration

Friday, July 2, 2010

Dream & Hope

Semua org bekerja untuk dapat income , ade ke yg keje suka2? Money is not everything, but everything needs money, agree?

Semua org ada dream..kalau tak berusaha untuk mencapai dream tu, don't you dare to dream in the first place..

Recently I've seen around me that people have changed because of money. Selisih faham, Betrayal, Hurt, Hatred..All the not-so-good thing

Adik beradik bergadoh
Rakan baik bergadoh

Haiyoo..what happened? Kalau la semua org jujur, baik hati, takde sifat tamak, ade perasaan belas kasihan & sayang kepada adik beradik & rakan2 yang dah macam adik beradik kadang2 , sure tak jadi macam ni ..

Well, what life are without challenge? I guess that's part of the salt & sugar ...
One have to go thru it dengan banyak2 istighfar , bersabar & bertawakal kepada Allah..

Semoga ditenangkan hati & dikurniakan rezeki yg melimpah ruah bagi orang yang teraniaya...

Harap air yang dicincang tidaklah akan putus..


Friday, June 25, 2010

Bandung again!

One sweet day, my sister in-law (nazirah) mentioned that she's going to Bandung with her mom & aunties. Naah, me not interested that time knowing that the Air Asia flight tix is expensive. Tak berbaloi nak shopping pun

Suddenly she said. 'MAS dah buat offer murah'
And I was like, ' Yeke? Berapa?'
Nazirah : Kat paper ade , MAS baru officially nak fly to Bandung
Me : Ok, nanti nak cek

On a different scene, earlier

Him : Eh , jom gi Bandung beli seluar, banyak dah tak muat
Me : Tak berbaloi la pegi , hotel lagi, flight lagi, just nak beli seluar?
Him : Sana murah
(Actually my hubby ni 'shopping' la sangat kat KL, sibuk keje kan, bukan die tau kat KL pun boleh cari yg murah)
Me : (dalam hati) What the heck, boleh jalan2 & makan2 + Rindu gak kat Bandung

Berbalik kepada top scene

Calling him right after Nazirah ckp..
Me : MAS ade pegi Bandung & tgh offer skang
Him : Yeke? Jom..ajak mama & kakak2 skali
Me : Yiihaaa......(sambil mengonline & menchecking date)

Booking done, insyaAllah pegi 19th July nanti via MAS - yea, for once I feel so bored travelling via Air Asia sbb airport tak selesa. But usually bcoz of the price la we opt for AA. Now MAS dah murah, in fact, cheaper me some trouble..

Monday, June 21, 2010

World Cup Fever

Scene 1


Him : Ni kalau ade keropok sedap ni tgk bola
Me : ??? Kalau I goreng camana I nak tgk match?
Him : Oklaaa Oklaaa...half time nanti
Me : :))

Scene 2

7 pm at Johor mase ni ..

Him: Jom tgk bola kat hotel la ..
Me : Ala dah sampai kat sini jom la tgk kat Danga Bay
Him : Ok

Dah sampai Danga Bay, hujan la plak! So, akibatnya tgk Argentina kat TV tebal yg kecik..stok nampak player macam semut

Me : (dalam hati) Ok, lain kali dgr cakap laki..

Lps habis match rushing to go back to Hotel nak kejar Match 10pm..

Me : (skrol semua chanel yg ade kat TV hotel) Ape nih? Takde live pun??
Him : Laa...korok nye hotel ni tak amek live Sports
Me : grr (marah kat keadaan, not to him)

And..not long after that, I fall asleep........

Scene 3

At Melaka , 1:30am , baru habis show sempena World Cup at Melaka Raya

Him : Jom stay sini lah..nak tgk match
Me : I dah call semua hotel, fully book laa cuti skolah . Plus, tak tentu hotel ade live match (kes smlm kat JB la ni)
Him : (tengok jam) Sempat ni balik KL
Me : Jom! I teman u drive .. laparrrr laa
Him : Tak sempat ni nak singgah mana2, kat KL

Dalam kete, as usual I tertido..hampeh la co pilot ni
Tersedar half way , Ya Allah laki aku bawak kete macam ribut, bukak radio kuat gile (sure nak tahan ngntuk sbb co pilot tido)

Baca Doa banyak2 and pejam mata

2.45 am - Sampai KL, on time for England Match + sempat beli drive thru Mc D

Semangat kan, demi World Cup!

More scenes to come

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This blog was online for weeks already, and wanna share with you pretty girls and ladies out there..

Present u .....


Feel free to browse :

Jom shopping!

--and kindly promote kat kawan2 korang ek?

Have fun !

Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's been a wonderful year

In exactly this time last year, I am at home fixing my last minute touch up for the Nikah ceremony. Tgh pakai inai kot time ni ;p

It has been a wonderful year..Life has never been better & I enjoyed every second of it...

5 June 2009

Happy 1st Anniversary my dear pumpkin!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Gossip Girl

I am hooked. Enough said.

On my recent trip to Penang, I purchased Gossip Girl DVDs ... tolong la salahkan Cina cetak rompak tu boleh tak .. (ok, I know I'm a bit outdated here)
Now I'm almost done with the season 1, and going to hop on to season 2 & 3 in no time. This always happens when I got the recent episodes of Desperate Housewives. Takleh tinggal beb
A quick question ..

Serena ?

...which one u like most? a ah..satu je reason for 2 choices

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I miss my weekend!

It's been so long since I remember having a weekend to myself! I've been working on weekends for the past months and hardly ever have time to even change my bedsheet..euww

Ahhh it feels so wonderful, having to stay at home (even tho kene kemas baju yg berlambak)

Too bad my husband plak at work..but it's ok, me and my sis in law dah plan a surprise to our husbands tonite.. (both are May babies)

Arghhhhh bestnyeeeeeee dok rumah!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today is my husband's birthday and I am down with fever! So not cool!
My plans on surprises semua tak jadi :)

You are my best friend, my life partner , my everything. You thought me a lot , more than I could have ever imagined. I'm grateful God give me U.. I love you so much!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Family Attachment

I always have the feeling of going back home (to my parents' house) even though I am a wife to a man now. If like 3 days tak balik rumah, I started to miss my parents already. I don't know why, I juz miss my room , my parents and my siblings at home. (Of course I miss my husband all the time) I guess when I got married, I was not ready to leave my house totally. Not just yet.

I am so grateful to be given a husband that is also a family man. He do not have a problem of us staying at my parents's house , and I simply can go back to my parents house anytime I want. Maybe that's the main reason we didn't have our own house yet? (Maybe the energy doesn't feel like it) Or maybe I already feel connected with my parents after years away from home (since age 13 to age 22 ) studying at SMAPK ;which is a boarding school and MMU, whereby I stayed in Melaka for 4 years, and I am covering the missing times and still tak puas lagi.

When my husband mentioned on buying a house / apartment , instead of imagining how do I decorate my house, what type of curtain to buy, what color to paint the wall, I end up thinking how I am going to miss my room, and how I could not go back to my parents' as often as now. The point is I am still not ready to move out yet. I am not sure if this is normal or I am just still a baby to my parents (Tua bangka boleh). Haa, tu lah, tanak la hantar anak2 pegi study jauh2..kurang kasih sayang tau

P/S to mi amor : Thank u for being so supportive & understanding. I could not ask for a better man to be my life partner. Sementara I nak hilang homesick ni, u kumpul la duit dulu, nanti kite terus beli rumah best ok? Love u to the max!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Penang & The Mischievous Adam and Alya

Last week we went to Penang, purely to relax and lepak at my sis in-law's place. We also tak kering gusi melayan karenah her babies ; iaitu Adam Hakim the big baby boy and Alya the cute baby girl.

Adam has always been a manja boy & sangat excited kalau aunty & uncle die datang. So, die akan mengeluarkan segala Thomas & Friends collection dia & suruh aunty die main sama, pastu suruh uncle build the landasan keretapi. Or should i say, paksa? haha

With some of his collection

Adam : 'Aunty, where's Stanley?'
(buat2 tanya aunty) it is!

This is only 10% of his Thomas & Friends collection

Main smpai penat, baru berbaloi mama & aunty die belikan toys mahal ni ;p

The next day my sis in law & husband belanja makan kat Balik Pulau, Laksa Janggus nama kedai tu.. they are famous for Laksa , Mihun Sup and Goreng Pisang . Ramai gile org.. Mmg sedap pun!

Sanggup beratur panjang semata2 nak beli goreng pisang

hubby join je la beratur, walaupun mase ni tak paham kenapa org sanggup beratur lama2

don't they look alike ? like uncle like nephew

spectacular view

Alya buat muke tak paham tgk sunset..

The next day we intended to walk along the beach. We brought Adam to Feringghi beach..

Panas sangat kot..Adam merajuk tanak jalan
I have to naik turun lif 10 kali untuk pujuk die , sbb die suke naik lif yg nampak luar tu

Here goes the photos: CUTENESS!

Adam tgh buli adik

Pastu baik balik, peluk adik

Sayang adik

Aunty Fizah: 'Aunty tak kawan Adam lah..Adam buat adik '

Adam : 'ok aunty, adam tak kacau adik!'

geramnye aku..comel

Adam buat hal, suke mcm tu bila org nak amek gambar die..Adik muke blur kat belakang tu..haha

Last2 , trip kitorg diganti ngan melayan Adam and Alya..Pastu bila kitorg nak balik, meraung2 la si Adam tu..comel je ckp ' Nanti sapa nak main puzzle ngan Adam?' sambil nangis.. alalala....