Monday, September 22, 2008

Busy bee

I am so so busy this Ramadhan and didnt realize that it almost end..kejap sangat rasanya and my list of activities since Ramadhan ni :

- my first month on my own and its Ramadhan month..Harap mendapat keberkatan

- manage to make the time run soooo fast by ulang alik to Putrajaya and Sunway for Kebaya Couture

- no-rest weekends since Ramadhan month..actually not a day to rest at all! (sunway pyramid, hap seng) -hrmm dugaan

- lost my hp . ive never lost a hp of mine ever in my entire first time, but i remain calm coz i believe losing something small meaning something big is coming

- i havent finished baking all my kueh raya orders and i only have 2 days to finish them all (sbb terlalu tak perasan ni dah masuk minggu terakhir puasa). so kalut la memikir kan pekerja2 yg boleh menolong di saat-saat akhir

- having clients that are complaining about the sudden market recession. I wish i can change the political structure right before the election so that the economy will not be this bad. I feel a tiny bit of guilt but nothing I can do. Luckily one of my clients acted calmly. She said: ' it's ok , u r not the one who told me how much to invest and this recession is not your fault and everyone is affected by it' ..Huh..kalau semua org berfikiran camni senang keje

- I wish I have more time so that I can fill in with more 'ibadah'

- My weight? I dont think i lost a gram!!! benci nyaaaa..lemak ni degil

Cant wait to c my girls this Thursday...


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kebaya Couture goes to sunway Pyramid !

Girls, feel free to come to our kebaya booth at sunway pyramid...nak buat gathering bukak puasa pun boleh!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One week as a 'self-employed'

One week has passed

Hey, not bad at all..penat die pun sama je macam keje, but the best thing is i got to arrange my time myself..

So, as of now, my profession is :

Wealth Advisor with CIMB Wealth Advisors


Marketing Communication Consultant with Studio 51

One of the @delirious and Kebaya couture 'Board of Directors'

So exagerrative ..but good position name presents you better (as what i learned in TM during Job Grade Justification exercise)

Wish me luck!