Friday, January 21, 2011

18 January 2011

The very last year in my 20's.

As usual, birthdays are sinonym with dinners.. Hubby brought me to dinner, in-laws belanja lunch, and my parents threw me a BBQ birthday party. Makan aje..

As for the presents , banyak la pula tahun ni, from family & friends. Thank you so much! Love y'all! 
I am so grateful.

My fav ribs, a treat from him 

Free desert for birthday lady

Nothing is more meaningful than celebrating your day with your BFFs

And the best birthday gift ever was when me & hubby registered ourselves for performing Hajj on my birthdate. He said we have to go while we are still kuat , nanti dah tua tak larat nak buat macam2. We are ready for Labbaikallah humma labaiqq..InsyaAllah when the time comes

Every year is always a better and happier year for me. I am so blessed...