Monday, May 26, 2008

"Talk is cheap"

I learned a lot during my very long weekend at T Harv Eker's seminar ' Millionaire mind intensive ' . I adore him and his energy.

He started his business with US 2000 to open 2 fitness retail using his Visa credit card and 2 1/2 year later he got up to 10 stores. He sold them off to Heinz Corporation (tomato ketchup) for US 1.6 mil! Immediately a millionaire and his business grow since then...

Yang paling i ingat is 'Talk is cheap" : that anyone can say anything but nothing is possible without action. Cakap mmg senang, tapi nak buat mmg sangat sangat susah...I will take what he said as a challenge..other things that i learned are :

1. Dont think, just do
2. Succesful people is full with energy , so what you do is what u are
3. Everyone can be successful but just need to know the way to it
4. Start manage your money properly using the 'jar' strategy
5. Focus on what you want, not what you dont want
6. If u work hard, make sure they're worth it
and on and on...

So, i will start with the money jar thingy starting this month's salary.

Good luck!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Ok, can anyone suggest the BEST and EFFECTIVE way to reduce weight ? Now i'm at the heaviest weight ever in my life history (tanak ckp bape, tgk sendiri).. agak pressure sbb my clothes are now dah limited and i dont want to buy new size!

Skip escape meals of course coz i never can skip my meals ..sedap sangatla makan ni and also expensive dietary plan

Currently what I've been practicing since i realized that my clothes dah stretched to the max are :

1. Lepak old town with desperate housewives (Old town nasi + rendang is so tempting)

2. Replace fitness first evening classes with lepak mamak or group meeting (my UT group) or sometimes shoes hunting

3. Never skip any meals especially lunch

4. Addicted to coffee. Any kind tak kisah la 3 in1 ke, tin ke..

5. Addicted to roti cheese

Yey...hasilnya taraaa...confirm takde hasil :(

Happy mothers day

Happy mothers day to all moms out there..

And specially to my mum Siti Sukina Abdul are the best mum ever and of course the lovely wife to my dad..

Our latest pic at rumah Mode , Bandung March 2008