Thursday, June 19, 2008


There are many types of people around us..and 1001 perangai which u just have to deal with them..I am kinda 'hey-common-u- think-a-lot' kind of person..Which in the end my brain will be stucked with other people's problem and behavior..
Well, since we cant change people..I guess I have to change my way of dealing with this kind of problem..I wouldn't call this a problem though..Its just me who thought a lot *sigh

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fabulous Dad

He has big big belly...and overweight
His fav food is Nasi Beryani..
He likes cappucino very much...
He loves seafood..especially crab
*all his favourites are unhealthy*

---by the way, he already started his healthy diet now---

Every morning he wants my mom to prepare breakfast for him..and always said that Quaker Oat will keep him full till afternoon..(but who can check if he eats lunch?)
Every morning he will feed his fish in the pond
Every week he'll buy a new fish because his fish always die (that pond is meant for a fountain only coz its not deep enough.i told him to dig a new pond for his fish)
Everyday he'll complain about my bro's cats that scratch his beloved dining chairs..

He lectures when my CGPA does not cecah 3.0 but well..I've tried my super duper best...
Despite that, he always support me in everything I do and I want to do.. I can consult him on any problem I face now and I feel grateful that I have such a wonderful father..


Our latest pics together during my bro's convo May 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008


Why I always complaint?
Because I am not satisfied with something. Wait, I think almost everything

Why not satisfied?
Because I think I can do better (perasan)

Why do I think I can do better?
Because I am hardworking (perasan lagi) and have big dreams

Why I need to have big dream?
Because I want to live the lifestyle I desire and well,u know...we human will never have enough

Why I need the lifestyle?
Envy of women that have financial freedom, stylish and beautiful.

Above all these, I am thankful for what I've achieved before

'Life is always about journey, not destination'

Monday, June 9, 2008

@Delirious Western Cuisine

Wow..a lot came into my mind lately and it just cant get enough!

I was approached by someone on opening a cafeteria. I'm not keen enough knowing that restaurant business is tiring..but when he mentioned its in MMU Melaka..I straightly reply and say I'm interested to know more..since we already have @delirious laundry and boutique..why not let @delirious have its sibling - @delirious Western Cuisine ! or..nantila pk nama yg lagi sedap..

Since Ive been so busy lately..I wish to add another 1o hours in a day..*sigh

But I like! even though my 'otak' is so tired of thinking and strategizing...(is that a word? i dont care) Sementara belum ada commitment lain ni, being bz is a good thing to let my day flow faster

Or maybe I have to improve my time management? Hurmm..

Anyway, I have to get my pen and started to work on the costing for @delirious Western Cuisine !

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Different Opinion

Despite the oil price increase crisis, my eyes stopped at an email print-out where i found beside the printer in my office. I thought everyone has a stereotype mindset of 'lets go to the petrol station tonite sbb harga minyak naik esok' ..but this particular person:

1. Pissed of by manusia2 yang keluar isi minyak ni sampai jalan jam yg amat

2. Ala..setakat bapa inggit je jimat sedangkan stucked in hours of jammed (i took 3 hours to reach home from Putrajaya that night)

3. Say to those ppl ' if you cant afford, might as well not use a car then'

4. If less ppl have cars, then will be less cars on the road, then will be less jammed..

I like no 4!
Wow, if u dont think of the above as rude, what this guy said does make sense ..hahah