Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Still cant stop smiling..

Geezzz.....I still can't stop smiling till today and my heartbeat still pounding like I've ran 1000miles...I still feel the butterflies in my stomach...I still cant believe it happened..


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I met Michael Ballack!!

I cant stop screaming since yesterday...arghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

My close friends knew how much i adore this guy. I've never ever liked or really being a fan of a football player but since Germany 2006 (World Cup) I fell in love with .MICHAEL BALLACK..He's a captain of Germany team..

After World Cup, he joined Chelsea and I immediately follow all the fixtures and wake up in the mornings ( morning is like, 3am/4am/5am?) just to watch him in action. Yeah, if u r a fan of a singer u can easily watch them in MTV/ Channel V..but if u r a fan of football player?? kene tgk match la, slowly i became a fan of a football game..and now i understand why guys love football...

I remember one time during the last World Cup semi final, I know that Ballack injured and could not play for the semi final..but, guess what? I wake up at 2.45 am too, but just hoping that the camera will get a flash of him sitting near the field..crazy kan?

I was like really fall in love with him..and Ive never had this feeling to any male singer/actor/footballer before..Even banyak kali jugak mimpi jumpa die sblm ni..

And yesterday, I got to meet him here in Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at how charming he is

I'm so so lucky coz I was among the last person to join the MyChelsea first I joined just to get the opportunity to celebrate their arrival at Palace of the Golden Horses and come to the training session..tapi tibe2 i got the lucky draw prize which is to come for autograph signing ceremony with 2 of the players..I just pray one of them is Ballack..and it turned out that only him will be coming..can u imagine how breathless i am when i knew Ballack confirmed to come??

And I got to meet him personally..mcm nak pengsan!!

He asked some people over there to take our picture..he's so sweet and friendly!

Look at my glowing damn happy to meet him

Ini bukan mcm jumpe Siti Nurhaliza (im a big fan of her too) , langsung tak terbanding...

If u guys follow my friendster, in the column 'Who I want to meet', it is Michael Ballack and i even want to save some money to come to Stamford Bridge to watch them live in action...but even if i go to stamford bridge, i know i would never have this golden opportunity...

He posed specially for me!

I'm so thankful and from now on I believe that impossible dream is possible to come true..