Friday, January 29, 2010

A space of my dream

Everyone has a dream home. Unlike me, I really really wish I can have a place , a big space or a big hall so that I can do a one-stop wedding planner business. The client will rent the place, and I will provide them all the services they need. They have to just pay and the next thing they know, it's done! ('pay' is the best part)

I always imagine when I was small, my dad bought me a hall like Dewan Perdana Felda tu (konon2 macam investment la). I want the space! But since now the property is extremely pricey, I ran out of idea on areas that are still affordable. Yang ada area2 yang tak strategic, so how do we want to even promote the place? Where I can just conclude that it is near to impossible.

And now, with all the hardwork and less sleep and rupe pun dah tak terurus, my dream has partly come true..Well, I can say its like 10% come true, but it's good enough.. will keep my friends posted :) I'm so excited!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Is 'merajuk' considered as 'derhaka'

I always wonder, when I'm being such a pain in the ass for my husband, is that considered derhaka? In other word, merajuk la. Yup, bila merajuk kita akan guna kan perkataan yang tak berapa nak sedap didengar, nada pun lebih frekuensi dari biasa, pastu muke tak yah cakap la, masam macam nangka busuk. Tapi dalam hati ni kata 'I'm right and he's wrong'. And of course, he thinks the other way around. I always say to him that when I merajuk, it's because I need your attention (which I think every single woman would agree with me)

Dulu masa couple tak rasa bersalah sangat. But now its the husband, it always makes me feel guilty. Considering that he provide my needs and my wants, and this is what I give him in return? (Skang ni tengah 'waras' bole la pk camni, bila tgh marah, takdenye)

Looking it in a positive way, it helps me to understand more of what real married life is all about. As for me, I'm learning to act maturely like what a 20years married couples do.

Anyway, normal life isn't perfect. It's full of misunderstandings and arguments. But still I'm still wondering is that consider as derhaka

Monday, January 18, 2010

The 28th Year Of My Life

I'm so blessed having a loving family and friends. Nothing more wonderful than being a with the loved ones!

I'm thankful to God for making me strong and able to overcome the blacks and whites in my life so far

I'm praying for a better and meaningful life ahead

Special blogpost from my lil sis :

p/s : I have more presents and more wishes from my extended family this year. Great feeling!

p/s # 2 : Just got the news that my cousin (Syaril & Nurul) have safely delivered their first baby on my birthday!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ada apa dengan Bahasa Inggeris

Yes, I'm writing most of my blog posts in English. If I were to find an employee I prefer if they are able to write and speak English fluently. I also write most of my comments/posts in Facebook in English. I prefer my business dealings is conducted in English (phone conversation, letters, emails, etc) I dont know, but I feel Malay words so 'jiwang' sometimes..

But I LOVE my nation's languange ; Bahasa Melayu. Tak senang sebenarnya dengar org Melayu yang sangat2 mengagungkan English. Boleh mengagungkan, tapi Bahasa Melayu org2 tu kena la ok juga. Contohnya; ramai yang bangga sangat kalau budak2 kecik umur 2-3 tahun yang boleh cakap English. Tapi, Bahasa Melayu budak tu ok tak? Kalau dia pandai dua-dua, baru la boleh dibanggakan. Tapi kalau stakat fluent English je, tapi anak Melayu tatau cakap Melayu, takde maknanya. Contoh lagi, orang Malaysia kutuk gila Siti Nurhaliza tatau cakap English. Dia bukan tatau, tapi mungkin tak fluent. Tapi cuba tengok artis Korea / Taiwan /Japan / China yang dibangga2kan seluruh dunia tu, tau ke cakap English? Diorg pegi mana2 siap kene ada translator. Ntah2 one-two-three pun tatau. Tapi boleh je popular satu dunia. (I'm not backing CT altho i'm a fan, but it just occur to my mind) And for the record, u guys should read ct's writing in her CDs, song lyrics, her web comments, her vocabulary of Malay words is incredible! Well, can us do that? Me : No. (alamak terlebih puji plak)

I don't deny, I'm not fluent in writing especially in BM. Maybe it's because the 'tatabahasa' keeps changing and I couldnt track the current right way of pronouncing / writing some words. Contoh : dulu nak eja 'tatabahasa' , bole juga jadi skang ni dah 'tata bahasa' (ini contoh semata-mata)

Saya tak nak bahasa Melayu hilang di dunia. Kagum macamana Suharto (Indonesia's PM) can preserve their language sampai bangsa apa pun cakap Bahasa Indonesia kat sana. Tapi tula, kelemahannya, tak maju la plak negara dia. Susah juga kan?

p/s : Kalau la skarang macam zaman Parameswara (Bahasa Melayu adalah Bahasa Dunia)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Internship with Studio 51

Studio 51 is my husband's company. Ever since we've been married, I took care of most of the marketing and background work. It's like some kind of charity work. Oopss..takla, ikhlas nihh..

We decided to welcome a practical student to assist us. I interviewed 2 students from this Uni. The first student ni masa interview (I interviewed them in English to test the confident level), macam bagus jugak. Confident, percakapan jelas, able to converse in English and posses own transport. Tapi nampak over active sket and loud person. Tu tak kisah coz I need that kind of personality for the company anyway.

Then there's this other student , cakap malu2, English so-so je , tapi based on her resume nampak rajin join aktiviti2 masa belajar and also masa cuti suka buat keje2 volunteer. This girl is a reserve kind of girl, not really an outspoken.We offer both of them to join Studio 51 and they were suppose to report duty on 1st Dec, tapi sbb the 2nd girl ni buat keje kat World Drum Festival tu, so, dia request to report duty lambat sket.

The first student , mula2 mintak delay report duty dia kata ade org meninggal kat kampung, pastu tibe2 hari report duty tak datang. Lps tu belum pape lagi sms panjang lebar nak mintak high allowance. Erk, masa aku dulu, tak berani kot nak msg2 majikan demand macam2 tapi budak ni selamba nye ..(kata hati ku) Lps tu call semua tak angkat, message tak jawab (yang ni mmg aku pantang. Its the courtesy of people calling u, at least bagi la reason kalau takleh jawab, sms ke..) . That shows that dia tak minat la kot. Tapi ape salahnya cakap je, penakut ke? Then me, mmg selamba je call U die, report la kat Faculty tu ckp budak ni tak report duty (It's like a warning of 'U dont mess with me') Lantakla kalau nanti die kene sound ngan Faculty die ke.

Lastly, we offered this 2nd girl to join the company.

It occur to me that personality is really2 important. Then, 2nd comes your technical know-how. When you made others feel uncomfortable with you, that shows that you are not a good team player, and that's where some of us don't know why they failed an interview

Study vs Work

Nak belajar lagi ke , nak keje je .....huh susah nya nak decide!!

Master means tak dapat gaji,but future is very promising..
Keje means no exams..

Monday, January 4, 2010



The most memorable and important day in my life.. 5th June 2009

Entering the 'womanhood'

Officially have to close our first boutique at Melaka ; @Delirious Laundry and Boutique as my partners are shifting to KL and probably London in near future ;p . Have to let go, even tho already put our sweat and $$

Economic Downturn . I officially became a businesswoman since I resigned from TM in 2008. Wow, I can't deny that I feel the bump.. and I tell you it's not a small one .. Alhamdulillah, the company and me survived and looking forward for a brighter 2010

Ada juga rezeki nak jalan2..courtesy of my family and my husband . I love travel, fullstop. Camana2 pun nak gak pegi jalan2

Several times dah pegi, tapi still rasa nak gi lagi

Langkawi Honeymoon Trip

Font sizeTasik Dayang Bunting

Bandung, Indonesia

The stall behind there is very classy..tekakku kembang,tak mungkin beli makanan kt situ
Terminal Tas kat belakang tu ialah kedai beg tangan

Along Jalan Dago - The Factory Outlet road
Green Van - The Angkutan yang berharga rm 0.30 sekali naik

Hong Kong
At the Avenue or Stars along the Victoria Harbour

The happiest place on earth - Disneyland!


This is the railway station at Luohu, Shenzen