Monday, June 29, 2009

My Big Day

Finally i managed to compile some of my pictures on the big day..


Its on 5th June 2009, akad nikah ceremony was held at my place in Subang Bestari. Ramai juga family and friends yang managed to attend even tho its a hectic Friday nite..

make up time! (my most fav part)

The majlis starts with a group of Marhaban which starts performed after Maghrib. And not later after that rombongan lelaki pun sampai.. setelah letih menjawab soalan cepun emas dan ceramah perhubungan suami isteri, kami selamat di ijab qabul dengan satu lafaz...

We are proud to announce that we are officially husband and wife!

Some of the hantaran. Sponsored by hubby and sis in law. Thanks!!

Bilik pengantin furnishing is specially sponsored by my parents..thanks mama and ayah, tak mintak pun, its really really nice!

My Nikah Dress is specially design by : Me!
Tailored by Vanesa @ Kota Damansara
Make up by : Munie Ahmad

My Reception

My reception is held the next day, the unforgettable 6th June 2009.

Make up again!

There they come!

Lovey dovey poses :)

I really love my wedding dress by RizmanRuzaini as he managed to make me look like I lost a few KGs, but technically, I dont think I lost any gram! And furthermore, they're currently my idol's (ctnurhaliza) favourite designer, so, ada la ciri2 terpengaruh ngan dia .. huhu..but good job! Ramai compliment my dress that day (I'm glad) And the colour suggested by Rizman is very very nice till i think we are the only pengantin yg pakai kaler ni dekad ni..haha

Our wedding attire by : Rizman Ruzaini
Make up : Kak Naza, Sentuhan Derina
Sound System and Live Band : Studio 51 Sdn Bhd
Catering by : Ledang Beryani

Reception at Masjid Wilayah

The next day is majlis menyambut menantu which held at Dewan Muslimin, Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan.

Its a rather simple and sweet event.. and much more cooler than my place the day before..(aircond!)

My wedding dress design by : Me again!
Tailored by : Nenglina Kebaya, Indonesia
Hubby's by : Bina Kaseh Butik, Ampang
Make up by : Kak Erin , from Sentuhan Derina
Photographer : Dhiya Abdullah
Videographer : Syncro Psycho Production

More pictures at

It was 3 whole-tiring days for me and family and friends..tiring of course but very satisfying..

Thanks to all family and friends who can make it to my wedding. Alhamdulillah, semua berjalan lancar dan doakan la jodoh kami berkekalan dan bahgia sampai akhir hayat ...

Honeymoon time!!