Monday, July 20, 2009

Man U vs Harimau Malaya

The match between Man U and Malaysia team was not bad at all!

Hubby bought the match tickets with the complimentary training passes. So, we went to watch the training on Friday. There were quite a congestion, and we park about a kilometre away from the Stadium. A 'healthy' walk under the hot sun. As many ppl are also walking by the road, tak rasa jauh la...Wey, training pun beratur panjang nak masuk daaa..sbb org yg jaga pintu tu sgt skema, semua bende nak check.

diorg tgh lari2 kat padang masa la tgh diorg ni..nmpak macam budak skolah yg nak berlatih untuk hari sukan

The next day, we went and as expected the jammed was terrible. Tapi since Hubby's office is nearby, kitorg tau jln shortcut yg tak jam. Tapi still kene park jauh giler...lagi jauh

ramai gileeerrrr..takde ruang kosong!

The match was indeed very very entertaining. Man-U lead the match in the first half with a goal from Rooney. Towards the end of match, Nani scored another goal, which make it 2-0. Lps tu lagi 2 min nak habis masa tiba2 ada mamat jersey biru number 17 ni score. Eh, terkejut semua org, 1 for Malaysia!!

Entering the game on 2nd half, there's another goal by this guy again number 17. That increase our curiousness to know this guy's name ; rupanya tgk kat screen his name is 'Amri'...greeaaattt job Amri! Makes the score 2-2. I can bet that not a single person in the stadium will expect that our team will score '2'. Not long before the 2nd half ended, there's another goal by Owen. Hah, sbb kitorg minat Owen, so maafkan la..The game ended with 3-2.

Mind the oiliness..nak gak amik gambar background padang walaupun gelap :)

We went to c the match to feel the vibration and of course to c the world-class players in front of our eyes.. bukan la nak sokong sapa2, but then, excited jugak for our team and so proud of them..They improved a lot compare to masa lawan Chelsea haritu..

We had a blast! Suara habis sbb jerit...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Langkawi Honeymoon Trip

Our first trip together!

This first honeymoon trip is fully sponsored by my sis in law (Thanks! )

19th June 09

We woke up as early as 6am to get ready, which around 8am dah chow ke KLIA. Flight scheduled at 10.30 am.

At the boarding room

Nothing much changed from the last time I went with my family, only this time I planned to have different activities, which is kinda exciting. Ernie do suggest me the Mangrove Tour, but we end up chose the Island Hopping. Save Mangrove for the next visit.

Arrived at Langkawi Airport around 12.30pm, straight away pickup our rental car (Nissan Sentra Sport). I cant believe they put the key dkt kereta tu je..kalau kat KL dah lama lesap dah. I guess Langkawi ni u nak lari mana pun kalau curi kete, so, that explain.

We find the hotel with the help from GPS (padahal bole je cari jalan sendiri). Checked in at Holiday Villa & Spa Langkawi. After a short rest at the hotel (of course tido jap while waiting hubby responding to his emails), we went to Kuah town. Bought some cutlery for parents and chocolates for my bros and sis.

The Nissan Sentra is our ride for the whole 3days

Lps tu balik hotel and enjoying the scenery tepi laut and sunset...

cantik pasir die..

pakai timer

20th June 09

The next day after breakfast, there's a van picked us at the hotel for the Island Hopping activity. It turn out that the Awana Porto Malai (its the pickup point for the boats) is nearby to our hotel, so we arrived there in only 5 mins. The boat ride costs us RM40 per head.

They brought us to 'Tasik Dayang Bunting', which as u can see in the picture below, the mountain looks like a lying down pregnant lady. Magnificent view!

Pulau Dayang Bunting

Arrived at Tasik Dayang Bunting

Add ImageBanyak giler monyet kat sini

We have to pass a minor jungle trekking to get to Tasik Dayang Bunting. (naik bukit turun bukit pastu ada pokok2 tu kira jungle la kan) It is located in the middle of Pulau Dayang Bunting.

Nice and soothing view!

The paddle boat looks we took a ride on it. It costs around RM30 for half an hour ride on the solar boat, while RM15 for a manual paddle boat. Huh, taknak la kayuh, nanti, solar boat je senang....

solar and paddle boat

Even tho its a Solar operated paddle boat, we still have to maneuver the boat.

Kinda romantic, tapi panasss gilerrr

After spending around an hour at Tasik Dayang Bunting, we moved to the next island, (which i forgot the name) but that is where they let us feed the eagles. But I didn't bring any food for them, and furthermore I don't think I'm ok with it (tibe2 eagle to ingat tangan aku ni makanan, mampus)

And not long after that, we went to Beras Basah Island for a few hours as well.

Beras basah Island

Another aktiviti yg kitorg buat sepanjang kat sana ialah 'Goreng Pisang Hunting'. Sangat sedap goreng pisang kat sana and we really enjoyed the value of 1 ringgit. (u know what i mean) . we can hardly find anything in RM1, even toll pun rm 1 ++ kat KL ni kan..

On the 3rd day we just rest and swim (explain my sunburn!) . We also went to Mahathir's Museum, and get home later in the evening.