Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sinus Traditional Medication

My resdung strikes back..and my parents are worried sick of the flu yang tak baik2 ni..yela, dari kecik diorg dok tengok I kalau selsema je, terus asthma. To some people, selesema takde ape. But to me, selesema tu memang lah satu penyakit berat. So, mmg mereka sgt tak nak berlaku lagi penyakit masa kecik2 dulu.

My dad brought me & one of my brother to this guy's place in Kapar, Klang. I bet some of you knows about this treatment. It's nothing like what I did at Kuala Muda, Kedah yang asap tu.

Agak disgusting nak menceritakan, but I hope this time it works. Treatment dia macam ni.

1. Dia suruh kite sedut macam satu habuk (its actually penawar resdung, derived from a kind of akar kayu)

2. Bila sedut je habuk tu, mata akan start berair & akan keluar segala lendir2 dari dalam hidung. Throughout this treatment kita kene tunduk & bagi lendir tu keluar kat dalam tong kecil yang disediakan. Tak boleh blow, tak boleh sedut. We have to wait for 15 mins before kita boleh blow, macam blow selsema tu. Throughout the 15mins tu, keluarlah lendir yg mmg sgt disgusting, tak mampu aku nak amek gambar.

3. Lepas 15 mins & dah blow kluar baki2 lendir tu, that guy tanya 'Tersumbat tak hidung?'
My brother cakap tersumbat sebelah, but me, tiba2 tersumbat 2-2 belah hidung. So, dia kata kalau tersumbat 2-2 belah tu, meaning my resdung is at the Level 3. (ada level 1-4, being 4 the worst case)

4. Since my hidung tersumbat lagi, dia ade masukkan ubat dalam hidung. Lepas tu je, bersin tah berapa kali. Berpuluh2 kali tak berhenti. He said, that's good, macam buang kuman.

5. After that, we have to makan kapsul selama 20 hari, and pantang nya banyak! Antaranya takleh makan seafood, belacan, kulit ayam, kepak ayam & daging kambing! Oh gosh, gonna miss my lamb for 20 days. Muke dah macam ape bila tgk kene pantang kambing. My dad ckp, tahan laa....kalau baik penyakit kan senang :)

Itu je la, boleh describe je, tak sanggup nak post gambar. Even my dad pun x sanggup tengok, die geli. Haha, confirm la, sapa tak geli tu tak normal.

Menurut this guy, treatment ni utk buang 'ibu' penyakit resdung. Kalau ok, ada org yg boleh cure terus, ada juga yang after 3 years baru dtg balik. There are many types of resdung, ada org gatal2 muka, telinga. Ada org nafas berbau, migrain, etc. Ada juga yang macam my type, which is selesema & hidung tersumbat. So, utk selesema, rasanya ni lagi relevan dari yg kat Kuala Muda tu, sbb dia keluar daripada hidung. But anyway, kita usahakan ajelah apa2 yg boleh mengurangkan atau membaikkan penyakit. InsyaAllah, dengan izinNya, baiklah penyakit2 kita :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Selamat Hari Raya , Maaf Zahir & Batin to all my friends..... truly sincerely from us

Masa ni tgh beraya kat rumah atok yang jaga my dad punye adik beradik sejak bapa diorg meninggal. My arwah atok lelaki meninggal muda juga..time tu mereka hidup susah, jadi atuk ni la yang tanggung mereka bersepuluh beradik. So, thats y every year, rumah ni wajib dikunjungi!

We went back to my dad's kampung at Muar raya pertama , 5:30 am dari my in laws'. Reached Muar tepat2 untuk Solat Sunat Aidilfitri. This is his first time beraya di kampung with us. Kalau tidak, tiap2 tahun die keje time Hari Raya. So, this year am grabbing this opportunity balik my kampung..We stayed at Muar for 2 days, before heading back to KL for beraya with my in laws plak. The best thing is, tak payah nak gadoh2 nak balik kampung mana..its just 2 hours away je :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ni Malaysia ke Shenzhen?

Hangin tak tengok ni? Hardly any tulisan 'rumi'... Ni Malaysia ke ... mana ni? Mana Bahasa Melayu? Kalau English boleh tahan lagi, ini? Tak fikir ke orang Melayu sure tak paham.. Daku sangat hangin

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Anak-anak Yatim Diraikan

Last night I was invited for IFTAR @ Aseana KLCC, where the event is actually untuk meraikan anak2 yatim. Bulan Ramadhan ni lah semua orang / organisasi berlumba-lumba nak raikan anak yatim..takpela, thats a good thing to do even though its once a year. I was stucked in heavy traffic jam (which I have not experience for such a long time sejak tak keje ofis ni) , jadi I only can attend the event after buka puasa time.

My heart dropped the moment I saw them. It's not that I haven't been to 'Kerja Amal' for anak2 yatim or rumah2 anak yatim before, but this is different. The children are so small! Kecik-kecik sangat and I was so touched. The activity for them was they were brought to do a Raya shopping at Isetan & Parkson before the buka puasa time.

Me and my friend 'grab' a cute little girl and asked her how old is she, she said she's 4. But she's so small mcm 2 tahun ke.. till we thought 'agaknya kurang zat makanan kot, sian...' She was brought by a slightly older girl , which around 6 yrs old. We asked where are your parents, she said she dont know. How sad. That means she might have not met her parents at all...

That situation brought my friend into tears (she have 2 boys that's around the same age) and me, as usual pun jadi sedih jugak and that point of time , I can't stop myself from saying 'Alhamdulillah' for what I have. Sometimes when we see people that are less fortunate , we'll be more grateful of what we have... Alhamdulillah!

Friday, September 3, 2010

My little brother

I'm really speechless and out of actions towards one of my little brother. I think that he's not been friends with good people, I think his friends are using him coz his innocentness. My parents gone out of words to say to him, my mum sumtimes cried in despair of not knowing what to do. He always not at home and only God knows where he stays, what he eats. My dad always worry of what he'll eat, always buys his favourite food but he rarely is at home..a father's love .. marah camana pun anak jugak. I asked my dad not to get angry with him always because he's a big boy already, 20 yrs and my dad has a high blood pressure problem. Kalau marah naik plak darah dia. Which always happened before.

I'm here, as a big sister, of course I love all my brothers macamana nakal die pun. I'm sad when he's like this, my other brothers & sister will lost their love & respect to him. His big brothers pun always angry at him and seeing that kills me. As if they don't love each other. I even cried when I see them quarreling and shouting at him. (Pardon me, when it comes to family I get so emotional)

My husband said, nanti die berubah la tu, budak2 mcm tu mmg tgh sibuk nak enjoy2.. I'm fine with that, but if only I know where he goes , with whom he's out every night, where he stayed, I'll be relieved. What I'm afraid of is if he's been lured to involved in anything that is not good. That's my biggest fear. Not good can be anything, I'm just scared to even think of it.

Of course , bila tanya baik2, cakap tak penah transparent. Another point of my 'bebelan' to him . Your family could not trust u, and what will u do when u have problem? When u r sick ? Ur family will be worried sick if that happens. And at that time do you think all your friends will take care of u? U will be surprised. That's my advise to him all the time. But i doubted he'll listen.

So, I'm asking my fellow friends, if you have any experience that you can share that might help us to change him. Do'a tu memang dah selalu.. Tak putus2.. He's the only one is with problem. I'm too worried.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

53rd year and going strong..

A belated post of Merdeka day.

Watching History Channel @Astro really opened my mind on how our ancestors fight over the country's independence. One of the item that captured my mind is also the racism is nearly invisible at that time. All races are united & none is trying to get this and that , fight over the top position in the governments & etc.. I'm flattered. Unlike now, I can't deny that sometimes I feel a tiny bit of hatred against other races because of their attitude towards other people (other races). Quite sad juz even think of 'kalau la satu hari Melayu hilang di dunia..' I'm over emotional towards this matter by the way..

Knowing that the other side of the world is suffering from a major flood disaster (Pakistan) ;17 million people lost their houses ; juz imagine it's almost like the whole of Malaysia population, Iraq is having war..makes me even feel more grateful to be born, raised and live in Malaysia. Syukur Alhamdulillah

My ever lifetime idol is Tun Mahathir, is also an icon of Malaysia to least, during my time. Hoping there would be another great leader like him in near future for the country. Even though many people say many things about him, I will go ' Hey, he's a human being, he's not a saint' But things that he's done to Malaysia are just indescribable. You look at KLCC, KLIA & Putrajaya , u will remember of him. And many many things. He also said that ' When I look at Putrajaya, I always smile to myself' . Hey, we are proud too!

Here's our photo with Tun, our everlasting idol!

This was taken during Umie Aida & Datuk Paduka Khairudin's wedding

Lastly, I am proud to be Malaysian. Bagi lah dok negara omputih mana-mana pun, I will always miss & love Malaysia

Happy 53rd Merdeka Day Malaysia!