Sunday, March 22, 2009

Air Asia KL-London

Studio 51 participated in the Air Asia X promo on their first flight from KL- London. It was from 4th to 11th March 2009. First budget airline in the world to travel so far and connecting Australia - ASIA - Europe. Awesome isn't it? I'm so proud of Air Asia and glad to be part of the event.

The promotional parade lasts for 8 days altogether. Among the places are The Curve, KL Sentral, Jalan Raja Chulan, PJ, and many more places around Klang Valley.

Here are among the pictures :

At Uptown

Me in action. Sempat drop by at the parade place to capture the video and pics

This is Taipan. These are the participants for Free Tix to London. It's an easy quiz but sad to say, crew tak bole join!

With the guys. Royal Guard, 'Sandwich Man' and one of the Percussionist

The last day was the most important as the launch took place at LCCT. The first flight to London was on 11th March 9 am. So, the launch ceremony started as early as 6.45am! The crew have to be there 4am!
Muke ngantuk coz this is 4.30am, while having breakfast at LCCT

ItalicBefore the lauch

Among the one who depart for first flight. Their departures were greeted by paluan kompang, percussion and also bag pipe. Meriah!

The VIPs
The percussionist and bag pipe player escorted VIPs and all the passengers until they are safely board the plane.

We are done!

Keadaan kat situ meriah sangat and the organizer seems happy . Rasa macam nak ikut je diorg naik plane tu. All of the VIPs and artists departed in this first flight were sponsored by Air Asia X.

It's an interesting event, and tiring tho...Again, we are so proud of Air Asia!

Singapore Trip

We went to Johor for my cousin's wedding, and took the opportunity to visit our neighbour : Singapore. Well, the procedure to enter Singapore via vehicle is quite hassle : We have to buy an auto pass (mcm touch and go) before entering coz have to use it for the parking and toll.

The road system is very well done and systematic. Takde lubang2 kat jalan/ tampal2, very nicely engineered. We drove around Singapore with the help from GPS. Even map pun pening kepala..

Pictures describe better :

ORCHARD ROAD the Shopping Heaven

I love the outdoor escalator!

P Ramlee punye studio : Shaw Brothers @ Shaw House
I love Gucci!

The 24 hour shopping mall : Mustafa Center near Little India
Everything u wanna find is here!
Near Little India!


Sentosa : The Adventure Island

Siloso Beach : Cantik sangat pasir kat sini and the view of the people here is almost similar like Hawaii ..

The Merlion : Singapore Landmark
My sis macam bertapa..
The view from inside the car

The Bugis Village

I can say it is better to go jalan2 at Singapore using the MRT. Coz with that, we are able to enjoy the scenery better. Kalau naik kete ni, nak parking susah , so limited je tempat yang kita boleh pegi. But as for us, going with the family, mmg sesuai la naik kete coz parents dah tak berapa kuat nak jalan jauh2. My dad sempat tido kat Orchard Road tu , boleh tak? Haha..

Monday, March 9, 2009

March Baby Shower

Me and my luvly girls + mummy to be had an interesting 'baby shower' today. Celebrating our girls @ mummy to be yang nak give birth dalam masa terdekat iaitu Faie and Maisun. (for Kemar and Hada nanti kite buat lain k!)

Ice Cream ke? huhu..sedap ABC ni..

First time aku nampak kurus seblah ko Faie..yey!

Mummy Faie, Aunty Fizah, Mama Kemar

(Bila nak jadi mummy)-Ernie, Mummy to be Hada

Present giving time to Faie (sorry la Faie, silap colour laaa...)

Present giving to Maisun, and there are my lovely girls..minus Lynn, Aziah , Fizarosli and Aida (Hi Aida! Kem salam kat Adam)

All of us!

Unfortunately I have to leave early due to other family dinner invitation. But surely will meet y'all again soon!

To Faie, good luck! Lagi 21 hari je..Berdebar tak?? Am excited for you!

To Maisun. Time flies before u knew it. Take a good care of yourself and of course the little one!


Ok, why do we have to have an Idol? And why do we always like to do or love what our idols do even if he/she maybe ruined/ interfere someone's life? Opps sorry, this is general :)

But, I'm dying to tiru Siti punya selendang style..I like (even tho i know many people hate it)

I dont care who the other lady is. Look at Siti's selendang..cute!

My points are:

1. Selesa ke kalau nak gi shopping pakai camtu ..nanti tgh sibuk2 korek bakul sale 70%, tercabut pulak

2. Tak ke nampak macam mak datin..sesuai ke pakai camtu dgn jeans

3. I dont have that cute jambul @ fringe (adakah maknanya kene pegi hairstyler semata2 nak keluarkan jambul?)

4. Sure kene kutuk habis. (Well, actually I dont care)

5. Obviously, tak 100% menutup aurat .. hihi

6. Atau sebab die comel, jadi apa dia pakai pun comel


p/s: I'm her big fan since forever!

* Selawat ke atas Nabi Muhammad S.A.W..