Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bandung Business Trip

I went to Bandung early this month for a so-called business trip. Not many photos to capture coz its a tiring trip indeed. I'm selling Kebaya siap for this Raya Season (partnership with my lady Ernie) and also some kain2 (my choice) for those who'd like to custom made them.

First day

Flight delay. Sampai2 je terus naik angkutan pegi pasar baru. Cari our supplier.

Ariff and Liana (the owner) choose almost 100 pieces of Kebaya is not easy..Me, kepala je nampak sbb takde masa nak pandang kamera

Sampai kedai semua dah tutup i'm still memilih..until exhausted baru la minta dihantar pulang!
First day ni baru dapat choose half je :)

2nd day

Sambung choose and shop for my stuffs. No pic, camera pun tak perasan kat mana. Thanks to my lovely brother who accompanied me with patience..Takpela, makan sedap kak nur belanja..siap makan kat hotel lagi tu :)

3rd day

Wake up as early as 5.3o am..went for breakfast at the hotel. Makan kat sini bestla, nasi goreng yg kosong nampk hambar pun sedap.Tah ape la yg die letak.

After that we're off to Kartika Sari outlet to buy ole-ole for family and friends..jalan kaki je from my hotel

this is 6am in the morning..imagine i'm eating Kartika Sari ice cream? sejuk giler..
but worth it sbb sedap sangat ..nyumm

Zul ; my bro at the waterfall near our hotel..

lps ni terus kami ke pasar baru early as 7 am dah smpai..kedai semua tutup lagi..hahah..semangat sangat..i can call this a marathon nye kalau semua ni untuk gue..

By 10.30 pm back to hotel, 11 am off to Sasteranegara Airport for departure. I'm excess baggage, taxed & tired!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Hmm..I'm so damn bored. Ofis lengang, tapi takleh nak bersuka ria sebab...

Keje banyak, walaupun hari bekerja boleh dikira dengan sebelah tangan je..

My workstation is a mess ...

Ya ampun, tpt keje ku sangat la tak mencermin kan perempuan..nasib baik ada nama kat atas tu, kalau tak sure org ingat ni tpt duduk laki..hahah
anyway,sangat la bersepah kan? ;p Takpe lps ni dah clear terus..ofismates, dont miss me ok?

By the way, perlawanan badminton semalam to me is very ok..tgk muke (alamak, sapa tah nama pemain M'sia tu, tak reti2 nak sebut) mcm dah biru and he is actually nervous the whole time..takpela,to me its a good achievement to make it to the final. After all, lelaki China yg menumpaskan die tu pun mmg pemain dunia ...

Yang penting, Chelsea menang kepada Portsmouth 4-0 . Yeyyyy...My Ballack is always handsome on the ground..I Miss U.. *&@#()@*

Friday, August 15, 2008

10 days more!

I feel like it was yesterday I submitted my resignation letter..but instead, it has already been 2 1/2 months! I have 10 days more in this company yet my work is A LOT macam nak kerja lagi setahun..
I cant deny although I always complaint, but I have be thankful to get the opportunity to serve such a big company..I feel a bit terharu with my colleagues and bosses who always talk to me recently knowing that I'm gonna leave the unit in a few days..anyway, people always come and go..i hope they will find my replacement, who is better than me. I value this experience which I will never get anywhere else :(