Thursday, November 4, 2010

I love cooking, but....

I enjoy cooking so much, it's just the matter of preparation & after cooking & eating. Agree?

I love to cook for my loved ones ; husband, family, friends. Its just the preparation that yikes me. When people said to my husband ' Waaa, dah sihat aa skang! '
and he goes 'Tula, my wife cook sedap sangat' Wowowo, tak kembang ke pungkuk2 anda kalau your hubby cakap camtu. Almost everytime org ckp dia nya badan dah naik dia ckp camtu. Me, die of smiling...

Ok, now, do you have this problem when u cook u will sweat a bit especially at the forehead, and your hair will smell like the chicken oil. I hate that I have to shampoo after everytime I cook. Sampai terfikir nak pakai shower cap pun ada masa masak. Kang aku pakai Chef Hat tu melampau la plak jiran sebelah tengok, macamla masak hebat2, padehal tengah goreng ayam je.

How la..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Singapore Trip

I've been very busy with work lately , that I rarely have time to update my stories.

By the time I have the time, I totally forgot what I wanna talk about.

Ok, phewhh... I just got back from a trip to Singapore for a potentially business trip. Yes, I 'carik' keje kat sana, meaning, wanna find the opportunities to do anything over there. Well, my passion is traveling, so this is part of my step to venture into travel while doing business.

I popped out the idea to my hubby and in an instant he agreed (he's the best, isn't he?) We went to Singapore on Sunday by car, and we parked our car sumwhere around Orchard Road, and breeze walking together and sometimes hop on to the MRT to go to the adjacent areas, while keeping our eyes open of the surrounding, sambil dating & macam-macam.

Here are some of the photos ;

Near Beach Road. Back view is the Eye of Singapore

Orchard Road

At the Esplanade MRT Station

Playing MRTing

We parked the car at this mall. Cathay, macam Cineleisure kat Mutiara Damansara.

Hubby sukaaaa sangat nak tengok movie kalau pergi tempat2. I was always against the idea coz bila tengok movie sure lah u dah tak jalan2 tgk scenery, unless u really have time to waste. Tapi esok nya tengok jugak, sebab at that time I was so exhausted of walking around Orchard Road, and a couple of hours of movie will refresh me a lil bit.

Oh ya, since I like to travel on budget with luxury (If you know what I mean) , Tune is the best choice! We spent like only RM55 per night for a double bed room and the mattress is super comfort plus the shower is so 'hujan lebat' type. Boleh bayangkan? That's all a travelers require after a long tiring day. A good sleep and a good shower. We stayed there for 2 nights while going in and out of Singapore for 2 days. I'm planning a next trip with my brothers and sisters to Universal Studios nanti :)

Tune Hotels Danga Bay