Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stonehenge - Wiltshire , England

Not enough of London, we decided to go to Bath, UK on the 2nd day. 
The driver & our ride.

On the way to Bath, we dropped by Stonehenge, Wiltshire. This place is one of the many of English Heritages, whereby these stones are believed to be there because of many reasons. Even until now, they are uncertain of the actual purpose of  the existance of these stones. One of the reasons is believed to determine the time, over 2000 years ago.


View from the car

Sapa nak beli poskad ni, 50 sen je satu
Though it looks sunny but the wind is cold

Carefully listening to the history
No, those were not handphones. We were carefully listening to the audio which were given to us on our way in. This explain clearly as we were told to press the number as we are in front of certain area, so that we can see clearly from the eyes of the researchers.

There are also an open farm beside this area. It's very huge and I was wondering didnt these sheeps get lost while eating the grass? 
Hantar kat Tony Roma's suruh masak lambchop sure sedap

Me spent a lot on coffee coz its so cold! Coffee & hot choco are my fav drink overthere

Though it looks sunny, but the weather is +- 6 degrees , which is cold, but still bearable compare to while we are in Europe.

I know it looks like just a stone to somebody or even me before we arrived. But as they are in front of my eyes, I was astonished by the history and in fact, how in the world these stones get themselves there? 

I'm starting to love English Heritages. There are hundreds of them in the UK. I made a silent promise to myself that I will tour all of them one day :)


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